The Benefits of Yozobo Drink

Yozobo is packed with vitamins and micro-nutrients (vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, folic acid, biotin, zinc) it has only 11cal per 100ml with no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and is bottled using the freshest, cleanest Scottish water, ensuring there is no compromise on taste.

  • Support Immune Health Why not take a drink and boost your immunity. Full of Vitamin D, C, and K, you stand a better chance to fight the bugs.
  • Reduce Tiredness and Fatigue We all live busy lives today, and nothing is more refreshing than the zesty taste of Yozobo, and the great feeling you get afterwards
  • Support Normal Bones Keeping fit requires good bone health, and we've got you covered
  • Boosts Cognitive Function Rapid thinking in a rapidly paced world gives you the competitive edge.
  • Supports Reproductive Health And for those who need that boost, our special formulation supports you in many ways.
  • Supports Vision Keeping an eye on everything that happens is the joy of a good sight.

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